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Mornings. Ugh, we feel ya.

What if I told you there is a way to skip past the morning blahs and go straight to feeling great?

Go to Bed Early

We get it. You’ve had a long day and just want to unwind with a glass of rosé and watch Netflix until 11pm. But tomorrow you’ll regret it and your productivity will suffer.

A recent article in Glamour magazine pointed out that “researchers at the Misao Health Clinic in Gifu, Japan, participants in a study who went to bed after midnight were found to have significantly more arterial stiffening (an early sign of heart disease) than those who climbed into bed at a more reasonable hour.”

Additionally, going to bed early has the benefit of giving you better quality sleep. Did you know that each hour you go to bed before midnight is equal to two hours after midnight? Some say it’s a myth, but I am here to tell you that when I go to bed at 8pm, I wake up much more refreshed, usually about 3am. I can then go for about 16 hours straight with no problems, aside from needing the afternoon coffee kratom cup!

Be an Early Riser

I think the most valuable benefit I get from waking up at 4am (or earlier) each day is the quiet time I get. There are no sirens, no people, no voices clamoring for my attention and I can hear myself think.

According to Developing Good Habits: “Think about how your mornings tend to go after you press the snooze button a few times until you absolutely have to get out of bed. You’re probably frantically running around the house, fighting for time in the bathroom, trying to find something–anything–to wear, skimming an email from your boss on your phone as you’re rushing to let the dog out, while also begging the kids to find their own shoes, eat whatever they can find, and not forget their science project that’s sitting on the dining room table. By the time you get to work, you’re still in a bit of a frenzy, visibly agitated, and already exhausted.

Now rewind that situation and let’s say you got up early. You’re out of the shower and dressed before anyone else is awake, you have time to lay out a simple, yet healthy, breakfast for your family to enjoy together, and leave the house before traffic gets congested.Both of these situations will set the tone for your day. If you add up all of your work days over time, it becomes clear that the more relaxed approach will help you improve your focus, be more present in the moment, and even allow you to spend more time with your family.”

Eat a healthy breakfast

While you’ll want to do this ideally at every meal, it’s definitely a game changer if you do it for breakfast instead of having coffee and a bagel. White bread and/or processed carbs and even fruit can leave you feeling empty and you can crash within a few hours.

Meal prep every Sunday

This is very important for getting ahead. Planning meals ahead of time saves you so much energy and keeps stress low because this way you won’t find yourself starving and wondering what the heck to eat at the last minute. Have you ever had less than an hour to eat lunch and couldn’t think what to eat because you were too hungry to think about what to eat? Been there, done that! Break the cycle by planning your meals ahead of time you won’t find yourself reaching for junk food, which decreases your immune system and stamina in the long run.

Use Beaufort Kratom’s new shilajit to get you going in the morning

Shilijit is a new product at Beaufort Kratom and people are always asking about it. We wrote a recent article discussing the benefits of consuming shilijit regularly. One of the principal uses of Shilajit among consumers is its use in chronic fatigue. It’s also helpful in managing those with compromised immune systems, according to this study.

Never run out of kratom!

This is probably the most important tip. Running out of the most essential tea on planet earth would call for an emergency shutdown at my house. Always check your stash and make sure your levels are optimal! Order early and avoid delays. Keep a holiday calendar so you know when USPS is going to be closed. Call Beaufort Kratom today to avoid this disaster!

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