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Beaufort Organics is proud to partner with Laura Shofroth, a Holistic Health Consultant and Certified Herbalist based in South Carolina. Read more about Laura’s story and check out her website to learn more about how she can help you on your path to a healthier life.

Hello, my name is Laura Shofroth and I’m excited to tell you about the body’s ability to heal itself-it IS possible! I have helped many people regain their health, achieve their weight goals, eliminate chronic pain & inflammation and find once again, their vitality for life! Check out my bio, then check out the extraordinary testimonies of some of my past clients!

If you or someone you know is sick with a (chronic) illness, wants to regain their health, develop a SUCCESS mindset or needs to lose weight, then you MUST read my story.

In 2005 I was diagnosed with an ‘incurable’ condition…called Endometriosis. Endometriosis in laymen terms are tissues that grow outside of the uterus and attach, adhering organs to organs and in many cases, growing and spreading. In my case, it had already spread to my spine and my gynecologist informed me that the never ending pain that I endured throughout the month was due to one of my ovaries being attached by fibrous tissue to my intestines. (I had already had two collapsed lungs and was terrified that the endo was going to spread to my lungs which she stated was a possibility).

This was after a final diagnostic surgery that left me both with a bleeding cut inside that the doctor mistakenly had done, and left me walking with a cane for some time due to pain and the shifting of my organs during the surgery.

The diagnosis and prognosis of the eventual outcome was dismal. The doctors and all the research I initially gathered, gave me the same end result-a radical hysterectomy in which they would remove every female organ I was born with, and then I was to be given supplemental hormone pills, Lupron and other medications for the rest of my natural life.

The hormone pills themselves had horrifying consequences to include hair loss, early menopause, loss of bone density as well as other ‘side effects.’ After some of my initial research turned up empty as to any known natural cure, I was faced with a surgery that no part of me could accept.

Some part of me inherently knew that because I was also caring for my ailing father who was terminal, along with being a full time homeschool mom, and in pain for the duration of the month, every month, all these things together had put me under a hugely elevated burden of stress.

Even so, my passion to cure myself became undeniable…to the extent that I absolutely refused to believe there was no cure. To me, there was no other option but to believe that if given the right tools (vitamins, nourishing foods, minerals, detoxing, activity, and more importantly, changing my thought processes, the body could and would heal itself.

I found a book written by an author in England who supposedly had cured herself, and I bought and read it. I scoured the internet and learned about estrogen and the part it played in Endo as well as some cancers, and how much estrogen was rampant in so much of our every day lives! I also contacted a nutritionist in Denver, who had also cured herself of the disease.

Full speed ahead, I went off of sugar for 3 months, and I mean completely. Who knew how hard THAT was going to be and further, that sugar is in everything in the western diet! But, I was persistent and dedicated and pushed through. I spent countless hours researching the body, how to use foods as medicine, the dangers of toxicity & stress and was inspired constantly by the stories that I came across of people that were able to cure or overcome illnesses that were either deemed incurable or only controllable by medications. In most cases, I found that maintaining conventional medicine intake had even worse or eventually dire consequences and side effects, than the disease itself! I only became more and more passionate about my health and was freshly invigorated by each step I took. I detoxed, juiced greens and other vegetables, only organic to reduce the pesticides & chemical burden on my body. I grew lots of my own food, I stopped using chemical products on my hair, face and body…my mantra becoming-if it wasn’t safe enough to eat, it wasn’t going to be put on my body. Unbelievably, after just the first few weeks of my diet changes and the reduction of toxins as well as the journey to learn how to de-stress and have a positive outlook on life, I began to see major transformation in my health. I lost weight! I had energy, and the pain was finally, happily gone!

Continuing on the path, I went on to become a master herbalist. I used myself as my own test model and was amazed that I had cured my own strep throat through the use of raw garlic. The passion became my life and as I shared my story, and as people watched my own transformation, I naturally was able to help those around me.

The process was life changing, but even more so, it has been so inspiring and so much fun to help those around me, to see doubt or disbelief in someone initially, but then taking small steps through my encouragement & knowledge to find their own steps for change in their own health challenges.

Hooked for life, I juice daily, use herbs for common ailments, eat as little processed foods as possible and encourage and motivate others. I went on to become a Health & Wellness Consultant, Certified Herbalist, Certified Life Coach, & President of the local Chapter of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce.

As I learned more about the power of our mindsets and how it plays a part in both our health & success in our lives in whatever we do, I began teaching mind empowerment. Teaching people to develop a SUCCESS mindset in order to achieve anything they want is part of the change that brings total transformation to the whole ecosystem of the body.

We have control of our body’s health and well being, and most importantly, it’s not as hard as we think!

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”
Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of Humanity”

Hi and WELCOME to this blog! Thank you to Beaufort Organics for hosting The Miracle of You!

Today I wanted to talk about brain matter. 

If you aren’t eating right, then you won’t be thinking right.

How is the ole’ brain doing?

Lately, I hear much chatter about ADD/ADHD, memory, and focusing issues.  I also have clients that are taking care of parents that are diagnosed with Dementia/Alzheimers.

When we are talking about any imbalance in the body, whether it’s digestive issues, weight issues, inflammation, or any diagnosis, the first thing we think of is “what medicine is going to fix this?”

That’s the thing.  Currently, there is no prescription ‘fix’ for brain imbalances.

Because we know that if our bodies will decline because of lack of nutrients or toxicity….then it makes sense to say that the brain will also suffer if IT doesn’t have the nutrition and health that it needs too.

Our genes respond positively to organic, natural foods and this positively effects our mood, brain function and how we think.  Poor quality, toxic, malnourished, chemically altered food has the opposite effect.

So here’s the good news!

By fixing our diets, eating nutritious foods, supplementing with green juices/smoothies, by eating foods that have a dark pigment aka ‘brain foods’ like blueberries & blackberries, walnuts, and fatty fish, by detoxing from heavy metals (fluoride, mercury etc), by challenging the brain by doing something different every single day….we can both decrease the risk of brain issues, as well as heal to whatever extent is possible within each person.

Without a doubt, 100% eliminating chemicals like food preservatives, colorings, flavorings, stabilizers, etc in foods and personal care products & healing the gut will help ease symptoms and bring balance.  

Earthing, or walking barefoot in the grass and soil is HUGE for good brain health, as the foot comes in contact with the Earth’s surface and electrons are transferred from earth to body.  Releasing a transference of electrons from Earth to the body will help with chronic pain, fatigue, and other ailments, just by earthing for 30 minutes a day!

Be a kid again!

These simple techniques can bring balance and healing to the body, help ease symptoms of brain imbalances, provide calm and peace and connect a person with their ‘home’, our beautiful Earth.

Try it!

Much Love,