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About Beaufort Organics

Fine Kratom Powder


Fresh Kratom makes a huge difference. Here at Beaufort Organics, we carry only the freshest kratom. We are also one of the few kratom vendors with a farm that dries the kratom indoors.

  • Highest quality
    Highest quality
    Quality, potency tested kratom at an affordable price.
  • Quality Checked
    Quality Checked
    We now test for seven alkaloids, biological contaminants, heavy metals and adulterants.
  • Upgraded Packaging
    Upgraded Packaging
    To serve you better and to keep your tea fresher, longer.

Beaufort Organics' Finest

Helping Hearts

Fallen on hard times? We’ve got you covered.

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Happy Customers

Our quality makes the difference and our customers agree. We work tirelessly to ensure you are only getting the best! 

At Beaufort Organics, we strive to provide only the highest quality Kratom online.

(843) 812-5631

(843) 812-5631

Know Your Labs

Beaufort Organics uses a chemistry lab to test their products. A chemistry lab will give a more accurate Mit. count for potency.

When looking at lab tests from ANY vendor, you should be able to see the LOT# clearly on the test, and it should match the LOT# that is on the bag that you purchased.

You should also inquire about the legitimacy of the tests. You can call the lab company and verify the test with them.

Call 843-812-5631 or email with “Lab Tests” in the subject box.

Beaufort Organics Lab Testing
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