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Have you often wondered which strain of kratom would help support healthy sleep patterns and relieve the stress you encounter during the day when you’re either at work or at home taking care of your family?

When we take on a lot of responsibility caring for others and have to work a full time job on top of that, life can become a blur. One day blends into the next and you’re tired. But, despite being tired, you still can’t sleep as your brain whirls on and on like a hamster wheel, thinking about all the things you still have yet to accomplish this week, this month or this year.

Your brain just won’t shut off! Well, mine won’t either. I am often thinking of so many things at once that I tend to often feel paralyzed, as I don’t know where to begin.

That’s when I reach for a Red Bali or Red Bentuangie kratom strain to take the edge off and help my mind relax so I can drift into a calm wonderland of blissful sleep.


Kratom alkaloids are the components in the plant which are responsible for its effects. All plants contain alkaloids, but every plant has different alkaloids. Alkaloids are produced by plants in response to some kind of stressful situation, such as a predator eating the plant leaves.

Alkaloids are “derived from amino acids and can be synthetized as secondary metabolites by plants and some animals. These compounds play an important role in living organisms. Alkaloids are present not only in human daily life in food and drinks but also as stimulant drugs.

Alkaloids can have anti-inflammatory, anticancer, analgesic, antimicrobial, and antifungal effects.

Alkaloids are useful as diet ingredients, supplements, and pharmaceuticals, in medicine and in other applications in human life. Alkaloids are also important compounds in organic synthesis for searching new semisynthetic and synthetic compounds with possibly better biological activity than parent compounds,” according to Joanna Kurek, author of ,Alkaloids – Their Importance in Nature and for Human Life.

According to Wikipedia, an alkaloid is defined as such:

“Alkaloids are a class of basic, naturally occurring organic compounds that contain at least one nitrogen atom. This group also includes some related compounds with neutral and even weakly acidic properties.

Some synthetic compounds of similar structure may also be termed alkaloids. In addition to carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen, alkaloids may also contain oxygen, sulfur and, more rarely, other elements such as chlorine, bromine, and phosphorus.

Alkaloids are produced by a large variety of organisms including bacteria, fungi, plants, and animals. Alkaloids have a wide range of pharmacological activities including antimalarial (e.g. quinine), antiasthma (e.g. ephedrine), anticancer (e.g. homoharringtonine), cholinomimetic (e.g. galantamine), vasodilatory (e.g. vincamine), antiarrhythmic (e.g. quinidine), analgesic (e.g. morphine), antibacterial (e.g. chelerythrine), and antihyperglycemic activities (e.g. piperine).

Many have found use in traditional or modern medicine, or as starting points for drug discovery. Other alkaloids possess psychotropic (e.g. psilocin) and stimulant activities (e.g. cocaine, caffeine, nicotine, theobromine), and have been used in entheogenic rituals for thousands of years.”


Kratom plant alkaloids vary depending on the region in which the tree was grown. Alkaloid composition also is affected by the soil, what time of year the plant is harvested, wind and other weather factors. When the leaves are dried and cured, it also releases higher levels of alkaloids when dried under UV light.

The most well known and well studied of the kratom alkaloids are 7-hydroxymitragynine, which is the most potent alkaloid present in the kratom plant and Mitragynine. When you purchase kratom, look for lab tests which show you how much 7-OH-MG and MG are present at the time of testing. 1.9% Mitragynine is on the higher end, and doesn’t often occur and will be the one you will get the most bang for your buck from.

Kratom that is higher in MG and 7-OH-MG typically help most people fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly as they are said to be very relaxing and sedating. Some people, myself included, tend to get more energized by higher levels of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, so, if you are one of these people, a green or white strain may be the way to go if you’re looking for relaxation and sleep report. Remember, everyone is different, so the best thing to do is try out as many different strains as you can and keep a kratom journal to keep a record of how you felt at about 30 minutes to one hour after you dose.

For more information about the miraculous kratom tree and its many benefits, check out this TED TALK of kratom researcher Dr. Christopher McCurdy.

In this video, Dr. McCurdy discusses peripheral nerve injury.

PNI as a consequence of trauma, surgery, inflammation, or other causes, is a major medical problem. Diagnosis and treatment are still considered as unmet medical needs.

This TED talk discusses exciting new paths to treating nerve damage.

Chris McCurdy is Professor of Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacology, Research Professor in the Research Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences. The reality of drug abuse is that people become addicted so quickly that withdrawal becomes intolerable and the addicts are stuck.

McCurdy’s work is to rescue people from addiction to drugs like cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine. He does this by working to make withdrawal more endurable and thus more likely to succeed.

His work uses kratom, a mixture common in Southeast Asia used to treat more common ailments.


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