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Nature is the great visible engine of creativity.

Terence McKenna

In our modern society of instant gratification, we often lose sight of what’s really important in life.

Things that no amount of money can buy, such as wisdom, frugality, compassion and the ability to see things from another’s perspective.

Often, when I feel overwhelmed or frustrated with something, I take a bike ride out in the country. Years ago when I was blessed to live out in the country, removed from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, I can remember feeling a freedom I had never felt before. A connection to nature I desperately needed then.

It was a choice I made several years ago when I realized that city life was crushing my soul and my spirit.

So when I went out among the trees I often wondered to myself:

Do plants think or feel? Communicate? Have personalities? Are they anything at all like us? Do we share any characteristics with plants?

I thought I knew the answer intuitively but I wanted to see if other people might be thinking the same thing about plants. So, I consulted the Great Google Oracle.

“Do plants communicate?” I queried.

Not only did I get back thousands of pages of scientific study on how plants communicate using an underground network of fungus, I found a very large library of books on Amazon, such as What a Plant Knows, The Hidden Life of Trees, Brilliant Green and more.

I often wonder what plants think of us. Do they think at all? Do they feel? Communicate? Do plants and humans share any characteristics at all? And if they do, I often wonder, if plants could talk, what would they say?

Plants are hardly passive beings. They lack a brain, yet they can “communicate, cooperate and perhaps even wage war,” says the narrator or What Plants Talk About.

Check out the documentary What Plants Talk About today! I hope you enjoy learning about our plant friends as much as I did.

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