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THC-A Flower – Gelato 45 – 3.5g.


3.5 grams (1/8 oz.) of ‘Gelato 45’ THC-A flower. Available in 3 strains, and 2 sizes.

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THC-A is the pre-cursor ‘acid’ to ‘normal’ THC. The pleasant ‘high’ you recieve when consuming Cannabis/Hemp products is due to the fact that THC on its own can fit into your bodies’ CBD1 receptors. THC-A in its natural state, will not, but it is responsible for many other benefits in the plant. Now for the plot twist… When heated to high temperatures (such as when smoking or vaping), THC-A will activate and convert itself into the ‘good’ THC. This version of the plant offers a hybridized method of consumption.. You can smoke or vape the flower to get the conversion into THC, or if you are looking solely for the medicinal properties of THC-A, you can ‘juice’ the flower, or make a tea out of it (the recipies are endless). Note, that consuming the plant this way will not be psychoactive, and you will not get that notorious buzz that THC is known for, this is achieved by smoking or vaping.
Product is available in 3 different strains – Gelato 45, Ice Cream Cake, Purple Punch


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