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So you’ve been hearing about the awesome supplement known as Shilajit and want to know more. But what the heck is it and where does it come from?

Shilajit is a mineral considered to be a part of the Ayurvedic practice of medicine.

Shilajit is a blackish-brown powder or an exudate from high mountain rocks, often found in the Himalayas, Russia, and in the north of Chile, where it is called Andean Shilajit. It is a natural substance formed for centuries by the gradual decomposition of plants by the action of microorganisms,” according to Wikipedia.

It’s actually more brown than black, I think and has a pretty mild taste that isn’t very noticeable. It does increase energy levels without the jitters one can sometimes get from a cup of coffee or any other type caffeinated beverage.

“Some Himalayan tribal villagers, who were observing white monkeys migrating to the higher mountains in the summer months made the discovery of shilajit. The monkeys were observed licking the Shilajit exuding out of the rock crevices. Since observing the animal behaviors were an important part of healthcare research in ancient times, the villagers attributed the great strength, longevity and wisdom of the monkeys to this substance. Curious as to how it would affect them, they decided to try it themselves and reported a broad spectrum of improvement in their health and stamina and increased their energy levels,” writes Robert Talbot.


According to Dr. Michael Hartman:

“Fifty million years ago, the Indian continent collided with the Asian continent. This caused the sea bed of the Tethys sea to be pushed up and keep moving up to eventually form the Himalayan mountains. During this transition, the mineral rich and fertile soil of the sea bed gave rise to a lush and dense tropical jungle. As the ground continued to be pushed up to become mountains a lot of the plants became trapped by layers of rock and soil and remained preserved for thousands of years.

These plants had never been exposed to any chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides. They are gradually transformed into humus, a rich organic mass that is food for new plant life.”


Humic substances are “the sum total of all once living organisms, mostly plants, disassembled by nature’s brilliant decomposition and recycling processes, then highly refined by millions of species of beneficial soil-based microorganisms. Ultimately, microscopic plants such as yeast, algae, mold, fungi, etc., finish up the process.

The molecules are ultra-condensed and highly functional, rolled up into tight little balls that are supercharged biochemical and phytochemical power plants, similar to storage batteries or fuel cells,” Hartman continued.


One of the principal uses of Shilajit among consumers is its use in chronic fatigue. These days Americans are using more energy and getting less sleep while eating a diet high in processed foods. This can be very hard on your immune system. That’s one of the fascinating things about this magical black goo! It can help you transform from sickly and fatigued to happy and hoppy!


According to Healthline, “Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a long-term condition that causes extreme tiredness or fatigue. CFS can make it difficult to go to work or school, and simple everyday activities can prove challenging. Researchers think that shilajit supplements may reduce symptoms of CFS and restore energy. CFS has been associated with mitochondrial dysfunction. This occurs when your cells don’t produce enough energy. In a study from 2012, researchers gave lab rats shilajit for 21 days, and then induced CFS by forcing the rats to swim 15 minutes for 21 consecutive days. The results found that shilajit helped reduce the effects of CFS. They think this was the result of the shilajit helping to prevent mitochondrial dysfunction. Based on these results, naturally boosting your body’s mitochondrial function with shilajit supplements may help improve energy levels.”

And let’s face it, we could all use a lot more energy and a lot less stress. Let Beaufort Kratom’s superior shilajit product help you reclaim your life today!


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